The goal of the Sensu Plugins project is to provide a set of community-driven, high-quality plugins, handlers and other code to maximize the effective use of Sensu in various types of auto-scaling and traditional environments. Much of the code is written in Ruby and uses the sensu-plugin framework; some also depend on additional gems or packages(e.g. mysql2 or libopenssl-devel). Some are shell scripts! All languages are welcome but the preference is for pure Ruby when possible to ensure the broadest range of compatibility.

Note: Plugins are maintained by volunteers and do not have an SLA or similar.

What is a Sensu plugin?

A Sensu plugin is a bundle of Sensu artifacts typically service specific.

These artifacts typically include:

  • Check scripts
  • Metric scripts
  • Sensu handlers
  • Sensu mutators

How do I use a plugin?

Depending on the type of artifact you wish you wish to use they have different setup/configuration. The most common are check/metric scripts. Each plugin has self contained documentation that you should refer to for more in depth information.

To install a ruby plugin see here for more details and refer to the plugins self contained documentation for any external dependencies such as os libraries, compilers, etc.

To setup:

How do I contribute to plugins?

Visit the contributing guide.