Sensu Enterprise


What is Sensu Enterprise?

Sensu Enterprise is a drop-in replacement for Sensu Core (the FREE, open source version of Sensu), that provides added-value features like contact routing, several built-in third-party integrations, and more. Sensu Enterprise also includes FREE annual training and enterprise-class support.

We like to think of the distinction between Sensu Core and Sensu Enterprise as the difference between a framework and a product. The purpose of this documentation is to help Sensu Enterprise users configure their installation, making use of the many third-party integrations and features Sensu Enterprise has to offer. Sensu Enterprise integrates with third-party tools & services to provide support for creating/resolving incidents, on-call rotation scheduling, storing time series data (metrics), relaying events, deregistering sensu-clients for terminated nodes, and/or notifying contacts via various media.

Upgrading to Sensu Enterprise

Sensu Enterprise is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the Sensu Core server and API, so for users who are upgrading to Sensu Enterprise from Sensu Core, no configuration changes are required to resume – simply terminate the sensu-server and sensu-api processes, and start the sensu-enterprise process to resume operation of Sensu (see the Sensu Server and API installation guide for additional details). However, some configuration changes may be required to take advantage of certain third-party integrations or added-value features (e.g. contact routing). Please refer to the [Sensu Enterprise reference documentation]9, for more information.