Sensu live demo

See a live demo of the Sensu dashboard (log in with username guest and password i<3sensu).

Explore the entities page to see what Sensu is monitoring, the events page to see the latest monitoring events, and the checks page to see active service and metric checks.

You can also use the demo to try out sensuctl, the Sensu command line tool. First, install sensuctl on your workstation, then configure sensuctl to connect to the demo.

sensuctl configure
? Sensu Backend URL:
? Username: guest
? Password: i<3sensu
? Namespace: default
? Preferred output format: tabular

You should now be able to see the latest monitoring events.

sensuctl event list

See the sensuctl quickstart to get started using sensuctl.

About the demo

The Caviar project shown in the demo monitors the Sensu docs site using a licensed Sensu cluster of three backends.