Configuration management

We recommend using configuration management tools to deploy Sensu in production and at scale.

  • Pin versions of Sensu-related software to ensure repeatable Sensu deployments.
  • Ensure consistent configuration between Sensu backends.

The configuration management tools listed here have well-defined Sensu modules to help you get started.


The Ansible role to deploy and manage Sensu Go is available in the Sensu-Go-Ansible GitHub repo.

The Sensu Go Ansible Collection documentation site includes installation instructions, example playbooks, and module references.


The Chef cookbook for Sensu is available in the Sensu-Go-Chef GitHub repo.

Contact us for more information about Sensu + Chef.


The Puppet Sensu module is available in the Sensu-Puppet GitHub repo.

Sensu partnered with Tailored Automation to enhance the Puppet module with new features and bug fixes.