Getting started with enterprise features

Sensu Go offers license-activated features designed for enterprises. Contact the Sensu sales team for a personalized demo and free trial. Enterprise features are available for all Sensu Go packages and downloads.

Enterprise-only features in Sensu Go:

Contact us for a free trial

For a personalized demo and free trial of enterprise features in Sensu Go, contact the Sensu sales team. You can manage your Sensu account and contact support through

Get started with enterprise features in Sensu Go

If you haven’t already, install the Sensu Go backend, agent, and sensuctl tool and configure sensuctl.

Log in to your Sensu account at and download your license file using the “Download license” link.

Sensu account: Download Sensu license.

Screenshot of Sensu account license download

With the license file downloaded, you can activate your license using sensuctl.

sensuctl create --file sensu_license.json

You can use sensuctl to view your license details at any time.

sensuctl license info

See these resources to get started using enterprise-only features in Sensu Go.