Jira integration

COMMERCIAL FEATURE: Access the Sensu Jira Handler integration in the packaged Sensu Go distribution. For more information, read Get started with commercial features.

The Sensu Jira Handler plugin is a Sensu handler that creates and updates Jira issues based on observation data from Sensu events.

NOTE: The Sensu Jira Handler plugin is an example of Sensu’s alerting and incident management integrations. To find more integrations, search Bonsai, the Sensu asset hub.


  • Tunable arguments: use Sensu annotations to set custom project names, issue types, resolution states, and more in Jira
  • Use event-based templating to include observation data from event attributes to add meaningful, actionable context.
  • Keep your Jira username, password, and API token secure with Sensu environment variables and secrets management.

Get the plugin

For a turnkey experience with the Sensu Jira Handler plugin, use our curated, configurable quick-start template to send alerts based on Sensu events to Jira Service Desk.

Add the Sensu Jira Handler plugin with a dynamic runtime asset from Bonsai, the Sensu asset hub, to build your own workflow or integrate Sensu with your existing Jira workflows. Dynamic runtime assets are shareable, reusable packages that make it easier to deploy Sensu plugins.