PagerDuty integration

The Sensu PagerDuty Handler plugin is a Sensu handler that manages PagerDuty incidents and operator alerts. With this handler, Sensu can trigger and resolve PagerDuty incidents according to the PagerDuty schedules, notifications, and escalation, response, and orchestration workflows you already have configured.

NOTE: The Sensu PagerDuty Handler plugin is an example of Sensu’s alerting and incident management integrations. To find more integrations, search Bonsai, the Sensu asset hub.


  • Optional severity mapping: match Sensu check statuses with PagerDuty incident severities via a JSON document.
  • Use event-based templating to create deduplication key arguments to group repeated alerts into one incident and summary template arguments to make sure your PagerDuty notifications include the event data your operators need to take action.
  • Authenticate and route alerts based on PagerDuty teams using check and agent annotations.
  • Keep your PagerDuty integration key secure with Sensu environment variables and secrets management.

Get the plugin

For a turnkey experience with the Sensu PagerDuty Handler plugin, use our curated, configurable quick-start template for incident management to integrate Sensu with your existing PagerDuty workflows.

To build your own workflow or integrate Sensu with existing workflows, add the Sensu PagerDuty Handler plugin with a dynamic runtime asset from Bonsai, the Sensu asset hub. Dynamic runtime assets are shareable, reusable packages that make it easier to deploy Sensu plugins.

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