Get started with commercial features

Sensu Go offers commercial features designed for monitoring and observability at scale. All commercial features are available in the official Sensu Go distribution, and you can use them for free up to an entity limit of 100. If you have more than 100 entities, contact the Sensu sales team for a free trial.

In addition to the summary on this page, we describe commercial features in detail throughout the documentation. Watch for this notice to identify commercial features:

COMMERCIAL FEATURE: Access <feature_name> in the packaged Sensu Go distribution. For more information, read Get started with commercial features.

Commercial features in Sensu Go

Review a complete comparison of OSS and commercial features.

Contact us for a free trial

Sensu’s commercial features are free for your first 100 entities. If your Sensu installation includes more than 100 entities, contact the Sensu sales team for a free trial of commercial features at scale in Sensu Go.

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Get started with commercial features in Sensu Go

If you haven’t already, install the Sensu Go backend, agent, and sensuctl tool and configure sensuctl.

You will need a commercial license if your Sensu installation includes more than 100 entities. To download your commercial license file:

  1. Log in to your Sensu account at
  2. Click Download license.

NOTE: In some cases, you may need to click Generate license before you can download your license.

Screenshot of Sensu account license download

With the license file downloaded, you can use sensuctl to activate your commercial license:

sensuctl create --file sensu_license.json

NOTE: For clustered configurations, you only need to activate your license for one of the backends within the cluster.

Use sensuctl to view your license details at any time:

sensuctl license info

Users with permission to create or update licenses can also view license information in the Sensu web UI by pressing CTRL . to open the system information modal.

These resources will help you use commercial features in Sensu Go: