Sensu Dashboards

Sensu was originally designed as an API-based monitoring solution, enabling operations teams to compose monitoring solutions where Sensu provides the monitoring instrumentation, collection of telemetry data, scalable event processing, comprehensive APIs – and plugins for sending data to dedicated dashboard solutions. However, as the Sensu Core project and community have matured, the need for an optional Sensu dashboard has become more obvious. As a result, there are now two (2) dashboard solutions for Sensu: Uchiwa (for Sensu Core users), and the Sensu Enterprise Dashboard (for Sensu Enterprise customers).

Both Uchiwa and the Sensu Enterprise Dashboard work by accessing data directly via the Sensu APIs (i.e. the Sensu Core APIs, or the Sensu Enterprise APIs).

To install Uchiwa, please visit the Uchiwa installation guide.

NOTE: as mentioned above – installation and use of a dashboard is not required for operating Sensu Core or Sensu Enterprise.

 Install Sensu Client

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