Sensu Enterprise Console API Overview

The Sensu Enterprise Console API provides access to monitoring data across datacenters, including clients, checks, and events. Use the Console API to request adhoc check executions, silence check results, resolve events, and more.


The Console API is a JSON-based RESTful API that uses standard HTTP response codes.

Reference documentation

RBAC for the Sensu Enterprise Console API

Sensu Enterprise integrates role-based access controls with the Console API to help give your users the right level of API functionality. See the RBAC reference docs to create role-based access tokens and define the methods (get, post, delete, and head) and APIs available to each role. To access the API using a role-based access token, provide the token as a header or query parameter. The examples below show an access token used to access the Events API.

In a header:

$ curl -H "Authorization: token TOKEN" https://localhost:3000/events

As a parameter:

$ curl https://localhost:3000/events?token=TOKEN